Giant Emotional Support Peacock Denied Seat On Flight, And Here’s How Internet Reacts

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Emotional support animals are companions that a medical professional has prescribed as helpful to someone with a disability. These animals are usually dogs, and can fly aboard planes with their humans. But this woman had different ideas, and brought along her emotional support peacock for her flight to L.A. from Newark Airport.

Needless to say, it didn’t go well. Despite being warned three times that Dexter the peacock would not be allowed to travel with her, conceptual artist showed up at the airport anyway. Dexter was promptly turned away by United Airlines, but not before creating a spectacle in the airport and igniting a fierce debate about the merits of emotional support animals and people’s perceived abuse of the system that allows them to travel.

Since he couldn’t get on his flight, Dexter shot out a message on his  outlining the next step. “Spent 6 hours trying to get on my flight to LA. Tomorrow my human friends are going to drive me cross country! Keep an eye out for us!”

Since he was purchased by Ventiko for an art installation some time ago, Dexter has bonded with the artist. He is now a regular part of her art, and we are sure you will see more of the pair in times to come. If nothing else, this airport saga has certainly provided great publicity for them.

Scroll down below to see how the story unfolded below, and let us know what you think in the comments. Should United have let Dexter fly? Or is this an abuse of the emotional support animal premise? We look forward to your opinions!

This is Dexter the emotional support peacock, trying to board a flight from Newark to L.A.

He was denied a seat on the flight, even after his owner, conceptual artist Ventiko, offered to pay for his seat

Emotional support animals are usually dogs, sometimes cats. So it was a surprise to see a peacock at the airport

And it sparked quite a debate among the readers of this story

Others didn’t think it was such a good idea

This event also helped to uncover one of the most awesome Instagram accounts out there

Based in Brooklyn, Dexter and Ventiko like to go on walks together through New York

Their story started when Ventiko purchased Dexter for an art installation

And she found a home for him afterward

But knowing that Dexter was living all alone there, she had to take him with her

And they bonded immediately

Now they’ve been together ever since and he works with her on her art projects

And if you’re still wondering how they’ll get to LA, Ventiko said they’ll go on an epic drive across the country


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